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Englewood Salted Peanuts 10 oz. Jar

Product SKU # 442-1491
The Englewood United Methodist Church men’s group in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, has been making peanuts by hand in small batches since 1955, raising funds for countless community service organizations. The peanuts are water-blanched, salted carefully, stirred by hand and jarred while still hot. The result is a deeply aromatic, crunchy snack with just the right amount of salt. 10 oz.

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by: Lvy
December 25, 2015
I know. It\'s a life

I know. It\'s a life changer I tell you. Peanut butetr and coconut is almost as good as peanut butetr with chocolate. My solution? Peanut butetr with coconut and chocolate.

by: Pam Anaya
September 28, 2015
My Favorite Peanuts!

These peanuts are just fantastic! They have a snappy crunch and such a fresh flavor! They are one of my favorite things that I miss in North Carolina. The best part of it is that the Church that produces this product uses the money they make to bless people in need and have been able to do so much for others. These nuts are so good they have been able to raise a LOT of money. These nuts are really absolutely delicious! I can\'t wait to place an order when it is available again.