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Principato Di Lucedio Arborio Rice

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each bag of Principato di Lucedio Arborio Rice comes with a bit of history. Beginning in the 15th century, local monks provided careful cultivation of the fields. The estate itself, located in Italy's Po River Valley, dates back to the 12th century. Processes today include leaving the pre-husked grains intact until a shipment is required. Cooks will love the superfine Arborio for its creamy texturing, stubby sizing and its ability to contribute its starchiness to a wide range of recipes. Most noted for inclusion in risotto, it delivers a renowned toothiness that is not found in other rice types. This rice comes in a 1.1 pound bag.
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by: Pangga
December 25, 2015
Mmmmm what I like ab

Mmmmm what I like about this is that I do not see soy sauce! Although I love it, I have a child who cannot insegt it, so it\'s VERY hard to find an oriental dish that we can all enjoy. Yummy contribution here!sheila recently posted..[]