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Unique Pretzel Shells 10 Oz Bag

Product SKU # 442-1338
It’s true, Unique Pretzels are unique. While baking, the pretzels split open into deep cracks and crevices, providing the excellent flavor without sacrificing crunch. Created in the 1800s by the Spannuth family of Reading, Pennsylvania, these Unique Pretzels are now sold nationwide. By removing the interior of the pretzel stick, Unique Pretzels created pretzel shells without sacrificing the beloved crunch. 10 oz.
Customer Ratings & Reviews
by: Kate B.
September 10, 2014
Best pretzels out there

I'll admit it: I'm a biased reviewer. I\'m originally from Reading, PA, where these pretzels are baked. They're tough to find in NC though, so I was thrilled when SS started carrying them. These pretzel shells are crispy and just salty enough, and the split-open halves are great to fill with peanut butter or mustard!