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Sweet Grace Memphis Sweet BBQ Sauce

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A native of eastern North Carolina, Southern Smoke BBQ owner Matthew Register has barbecue in his blood. His Sweet Grace sauce is named for his daughter, Taylor Grace, who helped him taste test the different versions of Sweet Grace made while developing his recipe. After countless tweaks, he hit the perfect balance of flavors: a cross between the tangy vinegar-based sauce of his eastern North Carolina home, and the sweeter Memphis-style sauce that he grew to love while living in that area. Perfect on barbecue, chicken or ribs, Matthew is proud to report that he has caught more than a few of his old-time eastern North Carolina pals--devotees of the traditional vinegar-based sauce--putting Sweet Grace sauce on their sandwiches.
Customer Ratings & Reviews
by: Joe Warren
May 19, 2014
Unbelievably good on everything.

Great sauce for most anything. Great rib finishing sauce. Also good for chicken and pork chops. Even good on hot dogs and hamburgers.