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Southern Season Pecan Cheddar Biscuits 3 oz Box

Product SKU # 422-3041
Cheese Biscuits, prepared in the time-honored fashion, are a light and convenient way to experience fine cheeses. Made with the highest quality cheeses, every bite is sure to delight even the most discerning palate. Each flavor is made with carefully selected fine cheeses, including extra-sharp aged Cheddar from Cabot farms in Vermont and Blue Stilton Cheese imported from Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire, England. We bake them with finely milled wheat flour and pure cream butter, accented with the delicate crunch of toasted rice and a hint of spices. These savory artisan delights will please you and your guests with their vivid flavor and subtle crunch.

These have the added deliciousness of Pecan and come in a small 3 oz box
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