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Twining Cold Brew Green Tea with Mint 20 ct

Product SKU # 371-0097
By appointment to her majesty Queen Elizabeth. Twining and Company LimitedPure and natural green tea expertly blended with the flavour of fresh mint to deliver a refreshing iced tea with a smooth mint taste and invigorating aroma. Enjoy sweetened or plain.Cold Brewed Iced Tea Refreshing, Flavourful & AromaticFor over 300 years. Twinings has been sourcing and blending the finest, high quality teas from around the globe to ensure that your tea has the perfect balance of tea taste, flavour and aroma. Now, Twinings has perfected the art of delivering a refreshing glass of iced tea in just minutes. Convenient and easy-to-make, you no longer have to wait for the water to boil, bags to brew and tea to cool. Simply add water to Twinings Cold Brewed Iced Tea, let stand 3-5 minutes.
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