Asher's Milk Chocolate Potato Chips

Milk Chocolate Potato Chips - 8.5oz

If your only complaint about potato chips is that they never have enough chocolate on them, you'll definitely want to try our Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips from Asher's Chocolates.

In each 8.5 ounce bag you get a bold new combination of salty and sweet, bringing together two snacks that everyone loves. We've dipped delicious thick-cut rippled potato chips into our melt-in-your-mouth chocolate for the most decadent snack possible. Their arrival in our rustic brown coffee bags let everyone know that you enjoy the original Asher's Chocolates; the most-loved chocolatier in the country, mixing up gourmet chocolate since 1892. When you see how great the bag looks, you'll be hesitant to even open it up. Once you do, though, you won't regret it because our chocolate covered potato chips are the best!

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