Still There NC Moonshine Mop Sauce

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At Still There Barbecue Sauces, made in the foothills of North Carolina, the concept is pretty simple: combine the best legal moonshine around and pair it with handcrafted sauces. They wanted to combine their region's strong ties to moonshine and provide quality sauces for all sorts of purposes. Incorporating well thought out ingredient bases with a shot of local heritage has produced a line of sauces that is as fun as they are delicious. One of the ideas behind the company's product is to show no two sauces needs to be created from one base. All of their sauces are blended as one complete sauce to provide distinct characteristics and different uses. Also, the idea that bbq sauce is just for the barbeque needed to be expanded. These sauces are meant to challenge your uses and to provide a different experience each time. Whether you are smoking ribs or mixing a Bloody Mary, one of Still There's sauces will make it memorable. So sit back, do some sippin’ and enjoy a truly crafted flavor that will make any occasion shine through.
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