Book Signing with Elaine O'Neil and Missy Julian Fox

Southern Season invites you to join us this Sunday, December 4th from 1 to 3 pm to meet Elaine O'Neil and Missy Julian Fox.  

Elaine O'Neil

Chapel Hill artist Elaine O’Neil specializes in the joy of place, and though her version of a postcard is larger and far more intricate, it functions the same way: Hang a piece of hers and let it conjure up your memories of a location. See how people take in the scene, how they step forward, drawn by the bright colors, and — wait! From far away, it looks like a painting, but this single piece is made up of many pieces. It’s a textile collage, layers of cotton and wool, velvet and silk.

“Some people don’t know it’s a textile collage until they can come up and touch it,” O’Neil says. She declares fabric, with its warmth and textures, “perfect for an heirloom piece like this.”

People commission portraits of their favorite places, and O’Neil recreates not only a scene but also a memory. “I want it to look the way you feel, not the way it looks,” she says. “That happiness you’ve experienced.”

And so her pieces have their own geography, whimsical details, and an energy that sets trees and buildings at a tilt. A collage O’Neil created for a recent Wake Forest University graduate portrays his dormitory inches from a map of his trip to Europe; the Demon Deacon on a motorcycle; and, if you look closely, the graduate’s many lost iPhones, scattered like Easter eggs in the shrubs.


Missy Julian Fox is a Tar Heel born and bred. She is a Chapel Hill native and literally grew up on Franklin Street in her parents’ clothing store, Julian’s.  She graduated with a B.A. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and, after earning a M.Ed. from Boston University, began her career as a Title I reading teacher.  She cherishes her roles as mom, educator, business owner, entrepreneur, writer and enthusiastic lifelong cheerleader for Town and Gown. 


  • Date: Sunday, December 4th
  • Time: 1:00 PM

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