Borgo Moncalvo Cortese

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Cortese, a grape which many wine lovers associate exclusively with the small Piemontese region of Gavi, actually has a fairly wide northwestern Italian range. This example from less than 40 miles further west has many reminiscences of Gavi's classic hallmarks (vibrant acidity, zesty citrus, restrained minerality) but a significantly lower price tag than most representatives of Cortese's capital - a feature that we certainly appreciate! Borgo Moncalvo is a dynamic family farm with several generations under its belt and a forward-thinking young winemaker at the helm. Solar panels provide power to the estate.


Serving Suggestion: A tremendous companion for seafood and freshwater fare alike but also comfortable being sipped at by itself on a balmy spring evening. Herb-encrusted roast chicken breast w/ a lemon-based marinade.

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