Brooklyn Brine Co. Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickles

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Brooklyn Brine Co. Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pi

What's better than bread and butter pickles? How about bread and butter pickles in a premium brine made from bourbon whiskey and genuine maple syrup? Yeah, that sounds about right. Brooklyn Brine pickles are the cream of the pickle crop. Sweet and tart bite-sized crinkled pickle chips made with caramelized onions, organic NY State Grade B maple syrup, and Finger Lakes Distilling Bourbon Whiskey. Made from fresh organic cucumbers harvested in small seasonal batches, they are a perfect addition to any appetizer plate, burger, or snack time! These bread and butter pickle chips are crispy, crunchy bite-size pieces of sweet and spicy brined cucumber that will make you glad you have tastebuds! Leave the plain pickles in the past. Put Brooklyn Brine Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles in your pantry today and your friends will think of you as the pickle professional!.

Brooklyn Brine combines the bounty of local, organic produce with NYC's vibrant energy and unbridled creativity. Each hand-packed jar is filled with bold flavors, organically sourced ingredients, and the love and attention you only get with small, seasonal batches. Plus, with each jar of delicious pickles comes the extra gift of the intensely flavored brine. Use it just like vinegar to splash on salads, beans, lentils, or to marinate meat or tofu. 

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