Buzz Bloom Single Serve Honey Box 5 oz

Buzz Bloom Single Serve Honey Box 5 oz
We believe in magic. We believe that honey, and the process bees go through to create that sweet and sticky goodness, is truly magical. Just think about the number of plants a bee must visit, the distance it must travel, how that bee works together with its fellow honey bees, it’s not just astounding, it’s inspiring. In honor of the honey bee’s travels, we’ve scoured the globe in search of the best honeys the world has to offer. Carefully preserving the trip from the hive to your home, we are dedicated to delivering honey that captures the natural and diverse goodness of the honey bee’s surroundings. Our honeys are sourced from our trusted beekeepers in America, Brazil, Vietnam, Ethiopia and around the world, delivering an unparalleled and unique taste experience in each variety of Buzz + Bloom.
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