Clearbrook Farms Michigan Black Cherry Jam 24 oz

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Jacob Liscow founded Clearbrook Farms all the way back in 1924. As the business grew, the company provided fruit fillings for manufactures of cookies, doughnuts, pastries, turnovers and fruit pancake syrups. The next generation of the Liscow Family, Stanley Liscow, Mimi Liscow and her husband Jerome Cohen, decided to make special batches of the family's favorite preserves. The preserves were not for resale; they were made only once a year, at the holidays, as gifts for family, friends, and business associates. This is when our family business made a commitment to buying the best fruit possible from family-owned farms. We have always used only USDA Grade A fruit from the best-growing regions in the United States. We call our preserves "old-fashioned" because fruit is always the first ingredient, followed by pure cane sugar, fruit pectin, and citric acid. Our preserves have never been made with corn sweeteners or artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


Product Details: This rich Black Cherry Preserve is made fresh with Michigan's finest black cherries, and is a great addition to any household pantry. With its sweet flavor and smooth texture, this preserve works great as a base for a fruit sauce, a delicious ice cream topping or simply on toast or a bagel.

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