Red Clay Carolina Hot Sauce

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Handcrafted and all natural, Red Clay Hot Sauce is the first southern-style hot sauce of its kind. Red Clay is born in bourbon barrels with aromatic hints of vanilla and oak and a unique, savory flavor that finishes with a rounded heat. Looking for a bit more heat? Their " Carolina Hot" sauce is a blend of Fresno and Carolina Reaper peppers sure to add a perfect balance of spice to you next dish.. Created by Charleston-based chef Geoff Rhyne, Red Clay is authentically fashioned with a simple approach, quality ingredients and an eye towards tradition. Establishing itself as a new standard in hot sauce, with a harmonious combination of southern flavors, Red Clay is “The Taste of the South.” Named after the easily identifiable red clay of Georgia, Chef Rhyne’s home state, Red Clay Hot Sauce exclusively features locally-grown Fresno peppers – a departure from the industry standards, where most peppers are sourced from South America. The farm-fresh peppers are topped, chopped, lightly salted and placed to retire in bourbon barrels – also sourced locally, from Charleston-based High Wire Distilling Co. – where the sauce is aged and permeated with the woodsy notes that give Red Clay its smooth flavor. Also unique to the industry, Red Clay finishes its hot sauce with white wine vinegar, rather than the more commonly used distilled vinegar. Never heated, Red Clay is cold-pressed and cold-filled to retain the delicate essence of the peppers and the distinctive characteristics of the rich, smoky flavors still found in the wooden barrels. Each bottle of Red Clay Hot Sauce possesses unique nuances and a distinct, well-balanced heat, making it a versatile addition to all foods – appetizers, soups, meats, seafood, vegetables, pasta, and eggs, among others. The sauce itself is vegetarian and vegan-friendly and is preservative free.
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