Berg & Hauck Bitter Kit

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Most cocktail recipes worth drinking call for bitters in some capacity or another. This premium sampler set from the experts at Berg & Hauck's gives you loads of delicious ammunition to make good drinks into unforgettable ones! Each bottle in this set is small enough to take in your carry-on, but packs enough flavorful potency to spruce up anything that a hotel minibar can offer. Featuring aromatic, orange, lemon, Creole, and celery bitters, this sampler has everything you need to explore a delightfully delicious world of subtle liquid ingenuity! With this five-pack of Berg & Hauck's bitters you're sure to find your new favorite secret ingredient for top-shelf cocktails that can't be beat! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Produced by The Bitter Truth. Each bottle is small enough for carry-on luggage. Use in cocktails or various food dishes. . . Specs: Bottle Size: 20 ml each. Includes: (1) Berg & Hauck's Old Time Aromatic Cocktail Bitters - 20 ml. (1) Berg & Hauck's Original Celery Cocktail Bitters - 20 ml. (1) Berg & Hauck's Orange Cocktail Bitters - 20 ml. (1) Berg & Hauck's Lemon Cocktail Bitters - 20 ml. (1) Berg & Hauck's Creole Cocktail Bitters - 20 ml.

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