Frau Helga's Butter Stollen 6oz

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Frau Helga's Dresden Butter Stollen 6 oz. Stollen which is a form of bread was first made in the middle ages. It is believed to have been first made in Dresden, Germany, thus Dresden style Stollen has become the benchmark for all Stollens. The stollen is a unique cake-like bread the most elegant of pastries at Christmas. The bakers at Frau Helga's have the skill to know just when the yeast dough has risen ot the ideal time when it is ready to be baked. The bakers also pick the finest raisins and fruits and soak them in pure Caribbean rum for days. The 100% butter yeast dough is carefully mixed with the raisins and fruit until the moment when the dough is ready to be hand kneaded into loaves. Each loave is washed with pure sweet butter and then baked to perfection. When baked to perfect golden color, each loaf is cooled and then again washed in butter and topped with cinnamon sugar. Stollen has become the European symbol of love and friendship during the holiday season.
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