Tasting with 350 Degrees Cheese Straws

Southern Season invites you to join us this Friday, March 3rd from 2 to 5 pm to sample 350 degree Cheese Straws.  

About the Producer:

Ashley Sellars bakes each batch, using the closely guarded family recipe handed down from her mother, Terry Hines. Ashley is the only person who makes the dough and she’s the only person who touches the oven. Why? As Ashley says “I’m only as good as my last batch and Mom wouldn’t have it any other way - and I am proud to carry on her love for baking cheese straws.”

Anyone who tastes them can tell you part of the secret has to be the cheese. Top quality sharp cheddar cheese, and lots of it. When you’re baking for taste, you don’t skimp on the good stuff. You’re first bite will give you that unmistakable crunch and then in a few seconds, that extra burst of flavor that balances that rich cheddar taste and leaves you reaching for another. Ashley oversees each batch for taste, texture and consistency. Her motto is “When in doubt, throw it out” and she won’t let a cheese straw leave the kitchen that doesn’t meet her exacting standards.


  • Date: Friday, March 3rd
  • Time: 2:00 PM

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