Special Wine Tasting with Eddie Morris and ALC/VOL

Join us Wednesday, September 13th at 5 pm to meet Eddie Morris of ABV as he samples a selection of wines from the ALC/VOL portfolio.

He will be sampling the following wines:

  • Alias Sauvignon Blanc
  • Golden Monterrey Chardonnay
  • Alias California Merlot
  • Aviary California Cabernet Sauvingon
  • Le Mistral Grenache, Monterrey

About Eddie Morris:

Eddie has been in the wine & spirits industry for 10 years and nearly 4 of those with the ABV family. A native of the Sunshine State, Eddie attended Florida State University and attained a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic in 2006. Naturally, Eddie jumped right into the wine distribution business following the completion of this degree, with the conviction that it would in fact be wine – not politics – that would one day deliver peace in the Middle East. 

About ALC/VOL:

ALC/VOL offers a diverse portfolio of wines from California’s premier growing regions. Our mission is to turn up the volume on wines that we believe will be the next rock stars of the wine world. 

ALC/VOL is the realization of our punk vision. We built careers in some of the largest, most successful wine companies in the world, but that sometimes meant toeing the company line rather than doing what was right for our relationships, our brands, or the health of the business. So we set out to build a company that would put those things first. Building a new company has been the hardest work we’ve ever done, but we feel lucky to work with people we trust, sell wines that we believe in, and make the decisions that we feel are good, not just beneficial. 


  • Date: Wednesday, September 13th
  • Time: 5:00 PM

What's Being Served

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