Demonstration with Cottage Lane

Samantha Swan, owner of Cottage Lane Kitchen, will be here on Saturday December 16th from 11 am to 2 pm sampling her locally made relishes. 

This is not your ordinary relish. We have two flavors - Get Me A Switch is based on an heirloom family recipe. Its name embraces our southern roots and identifies its lingering zippy sweet/heat character while Cape Fear is a modern recipe and its name identifies its lingering habanero fruity/fiery character. People say they bite back, but we prefer to say they nibble.   Use it as you would any hot sauce, salsa, chow chow or relish - on eggs, hot dogs, sandwiches, beans and greens.   We are proud of the lineage of our recipes; our history in Chapel Hill, NC where our home has been for generations; the quality of the ingredients used in our products and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.

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  • Date: Saturday, December 16th
  • Time: 11:00 AM

What's Being Served

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