Chef's Choice Trizor XV 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

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This highly-acclaimed professional 3-Stage EdgeSelect® electric knife sharpener combines the strength and durability of the triple-bevel Trizor® edge with the flawless, ultra-sharp 15˚ XV EdgeSelect® technology to sharpen both fine edge and serrated knives.
It’s the ideal sharpener for converting 20 degree class knife factory edges  into the high performance Trizor XV® 15 degree edge; and will also flawlessly sharpen double-bevel or single-bevel 15 degree class knives. It features advanced, flexible spring guides that provide accurate control of the sharpening angle, for the thickest or thinnest knife blades, insuring ultra-sharp edges quickly and easily! Its 3-Stage EdgeSelect® system provides optimum versatility in providing the perfect edge for each cutting task.

Why a 15 Degree Angle?
The XV’s 15 degree angled edge provides maximum performance and cuts more easily than a traditional 20 degree angled edge. “The thinner the edge the less effort it takes to cut and the easier the knife is to control. And, this thinner knife edge will last longer because of its unique triple-bevel Trizor XV® edge technology.”

What is the Trizor XV® Edge?
The Trizor XV® EdgeSelect® helps prolong the life of quality knives because it creates a 15 degree triple-bevel arch-shaped edge that resists dulling longer than conventionally sharpened hollow-ground or “V-shaped” edges. The 3-Stage process and efficient flexible stropping disks sharpen the edge with minimal metal removal, further helping to extend the life of fine knives. It produces a burr-free triple- bevel fine edge of hair- splitting sharpness with micro-grooves on the edge facets. It is created by the sharpening, honing and stropping stages comprising the patented 3-stage sharpening system. Conical rotating disks in Stages 1 and 2 are plated with 100-percent diamond abrasives to sharpen and hone the edge. Conical rotating flexible disks in Stage 3 (the stropping stage) are made of a unique barber-strop-like flexible abrasive system.

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