Espro Travel Tea Press 12 oz White

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The delicate aroma of tea leaves. The steam rising from a steeping cup. The rejuvenating flavor of those first sips. A cup of tea can truly be transformative. Yet the fast past of life gets in the way, the harried hustle out the door in the morning, a crowded commute, a day of back to back meetings, chasing after the kids. At Espro, we appreciate a moment of rejuvenation that only loose leaf teas can provide. So, when we could not find a perfect travel brewer for tea, we invented on that delivers! We have created a brand new patent pending tea press system that stops extraction the moment you press it down, while micro-filtering the tea twice bringing the nuances and intensity that only a press can create. It’s easy. Pour loose-leaf tea in mug, then add hot water. Stir. Wait 2-7 minutes. Press and Enjoy.
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