Class Schedule - Cooking School at Southern Season

Class: Knife Skills III (Poultry & Meat)

  • Date: Sunday, October 27th
  • Time: 1:00 PM- 3:00 PM
  • Chef: Brian Adornetto
  • Intimate class of 18 or under where you work alongside other students in a hands-on environment. Each 2-hour class (unless otherwise stated) is structured to give personal attention and guide each participant through each stage of the recipe preparation, focusing on fundamental skills and techniques. Class will wrap up with a sit-down tasting meal of all the lovely dishes you’ve prepared, paired with one glass of wine chosen by our sommelier (unless otherwise stated).

We’ll introduce the boning knife: completely break down, bone, and carve poultry (chicken); how to make French breasts, lollipop wings, and stuff and tie thighs; properly clean big cuts of meat; and butterfly and tie a tenderloin (pork).

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