Ficoco Fig & Cocoa Spread 8.5 oz

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Ficoco, named for the two Ingredients, -figs and cocoa - is a healthy and decadent alternative to many of the dessert sauces and spreads on the market. Ficoco is all-natural, sweetened only with figs and pure cane sugar (there's no refined sugar). It' s fat-free and contains no nuts, gluten and dairy. So its a delicious indulgence for everyone, including people with food allergies and moms, concerned about the quality of sweets their children eat. Try using Ficoco as a dessert topping, and a sweet sandwich spread, to accent breakfast breads, in fondue, as is often said, the only limit is imagination!
"For me, this is like a grown-up Nutella. You’re supposed to spread this on something, but I ate my first jar with a spoon." -Vivian Howard
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