Forlife Mist 68oz Iced Tea Jug w/ Basket Infuser

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Forlife Mist 68oz Iced Tea Jug w/ Basket Infuser

Make thirst quenching iced tea in minutes with the Mist Jug with the Basket Infuser!

Simply add hot water in the infuser filled with loose tea. After adding cold water, remove the infuser by the handle. Serve over ice and enjoy! Ideal for tea bags too!
The detachable lid for easy cleaning.

What is Push-on-Lid?
Convenient and stylish, the Push-on-Lid is an innovative feature designed to give you greater flexibility in tea or coffee making process and ease of care and maintenance.
With a simple push, the base made of silicone rubber firmly attaches to the opening of the pot, preventing the lid from falling off when serving. While the base stays firmly in place, flip open the stainless steel cover by a flick of the thumb to add coffee or tea. If the drink is getting cold, just pull off the lid and reheat the pot in the microwave. And finally by simply removing the lid, your cleaning routine has become much easier.

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