Fratelli Minaglia Organic Croxetti 1.1 lb

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Fratelli Minaglia Org. Croxetti 1.1 lb
Croxetti are a traditional Ligurian pasta.,They are thin, flat intricately decorated, coins.,Certified Organic. Croxetti are a traditional Ligurian pasta. They are thin, flat intricately decorated coins. This pasta shape evolved from a simple disc flattened under a glass, or under a coin, to a wooden stamp, embossing on each a pretty design, or a family crest. The stamp also helps the pasta hold its sauce better. These beautiful disks of pasta, stamped with the coat-of-arms of its region (Genova), and a stalk of Ligurian wheat, are dumpling-like when cooked. Corzetti are usually served with a simple meat or mushroom sauce, pesto, pine nut or walnut sauce, fish sauce, or a light cream sauce.Alta Valle Scrivia is located in the village of Montoggio in the Scrivia Valley, just inland from Genoa in the coastal province of Liguria in Northern Italy. For 3 decades Pastificio Artigianale Alta Valle Scrivia has been producing one of the most emblematic culinary traditions of Italy:
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