French Broad 80% Costa Rican Bar

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French Broad 80% Costa Rican Bar 2.5 oz

 No chocolate connects us more deeply with our roots than this bar. When Jael and Dan bought an abandoned cacao farm in Costa Rica, it was to serve as their homestead. When they hired Daniel South at their café, Bread & Chocolate, he was to be a dishwasher. Oh, how plans have changed...for the better!

Daniel, now Bread & Chocolate’s head baker, has returned to his agricultural roots as a cacao processor, cultivating cacao on his farm, rehabilitating our farm, and buying cacao from his neighbors along the coast. He ferments in wooden boxes made from trees felled on his land, and exports directly
to French Broad Chocolates. Building a viable cacao business hasn’t been easy for Daniel, but we are standing strong with him and his family to see their efforts bear fruit. This two-ingredient chocolate contains a robust eighty percent cacao. Its upfront fruity acidity gets our attention and transforms into a flavor reminiscent of chocolate cookie.
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