Joe Van Gogh Organic Cafe Femenino Microlot 12 oz Bag

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JVG Organic Cafe Femenino Microlot 12oz

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Citrus Hints

Certified Organic & Fair Trade

Combines our most popular Cafe Femenino coffees to produce a rich, syrupy, dark chocolate cup. The women within the Cafe Femenino program are pushing the boundaries for social change and gender equity, all while producing great coffee. Through the partnership of the Cafe Femenino Foundation grants are provided and designed to build a sustainable socio-economic community and a healthier environment for women and children.

The Cafe Femenino program was founded in 2004 starting in Peru with the goal to foster gender equality for women coffee farmers. Through the success of the program in Peru, the program has expanded into several different countries including Sumatra, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Ways the program achieves these goals:

  • Focusing on an equal distribution of labor
  • Providing women with their own income
  • Requiring women to be listed on land deeds
  • Including women in leadership and decision-making 

How the program makes a difference within the community:

  • A 2¢ premium (per pound) over the Fair Trade price is paid directly to the women coffee growers participating in the Café Feminino Program, and is to be used solely at the discretion of the women.
  • For each pound of Café Feminino coffee purchased by JVG, 5¢ is donated to the Café Feminino Foundation. The foundation funds projects proposed by the women in the program.
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