Kids in the Kitchen

There are plenty of reasons to get kids in the kitchen at an early age. At Southern Season, we like to focus on the fun and creative aspects of cooking, which is why we offer a series of Kids in the Kitchen classes each quarter. They are ideal for children ages 8 to 12.

Know who else thinks it’s a good idea? The American Heart Association, which has documented such benefits as openness to eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as increasing the frequency of structured time for family meals.

Learning to make simple recipes can boost a child’s math skills as well as verbal comprehension. And as any adult who has baked a cake knows, science is behind the magic that converts a bowl of batter into a delicious celebration.

Earned praise can go a long way with a child, inspiring them to take on more challenging tasks and gaining satisfaction with each achievement.

Our Kids in the Kitchen Classes are designed for kids ages 8 - 12 only so that each child has one-on-one experience with our instructors.

It also allows more kids to participate in the class and have fun together as a group.  Our facility provides a comfortable area

for parents to hang out outside of the classroom for those who wish to stay and wait.  

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