Num Num Country Boy Mild Sauce 20 oz

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Apply Num Num Sauce to meat or veggies as a finishing sauce while cooking. Spread Num Num Sauce on steaks, chicken, salmon, pork chops, ribs, hamburgers, shrimp, hot dogs, potato wedges, salads, bread and anything else you can think of. Great for baking, crockpot cooking, grilling, dipping and finishing.

this is their mild sauce

Num Num Sauce is a specialty craft condiment that originated in the backwoods of the deep south as a family hidden country secret. Today it’s still produced in small batches and contains just as much love as it did in the early 1940’s. But this time around, it’s a heathier version because it’s low in sodium, fat free, gluten free, soy free and preservative free.

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