Souse Eastern Style BBQ Sauce

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Souse BBQ owner Rob Griffin has loved spreading the good word about his barbecue sauce, particularly during his stint in the Midwest, allowing him to practice converting the masses to his preferred eastern North Carolina, vinegar-based sauce. Adapted from the recipe of an old family friend, Rob’s sauce has had his friends and family clamoring for more since he first started cooking it up about eight years ago. With its tangy spice and robust flavor, this sauce has a little something for everyone, no matter which barbecue camp you fall in. Rob himself says it best: “If this were politics, this is the sauce that can stand in the middle of the aisle and make both parties come together. That’s probably the best way to describe it.” 16 oz.
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    best pre-grilling chicken marinade ever
    Griffin has created his extraordinary bbq \'souse\' with a lighter touch unlike the dense, sweeter sauces and marinades south easterners from VA to FL are accustomed to. Its easy pour is the perfect tenderizer for chicken and beef (our favorite - boneless chicken thighs soaking up Sause for a couple hours in the fridge prior to their 10-15 minutes on the grill). Adding a little Sause to the plate for dipping adds a final vinegar tang on the tongue, helps break down any remaining toughness, and accentuates the tenderness of any beef or poultry dish. Definitely a must try if you\'re looking for a lighter way to experience Carolina BBQ at home. Just wish it was available in more retail outlets.

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