Tao of Tea Organic Melange Assortment 15 ct

Tao of Tea Organic Melange Assortment 15 ct

Three Assorted Varieties:

Black, Green and Herbal Teas

Veerinder S. Chawla - Founder + Tea Lover

Love. Giving it and getting it is a gift. I do this work with love. The people who have supported my company and me over the years, and the people whom I have had the fortune to serve, deserve any and all credit of this craft you hold in your hand.

Generational craft must be preserved and "Old-Style" tea making supported, so that the next generation can embrace the core values, including love. I will pass on my craft to my two young children who have the gift of my endearing love.


Three is company. Enjoy flavors of black, green and herbal teas, all in one box.

Black - Italian Earl Grey

Robust Assam black tea blended with pure, Italian Bergamot essence of highest quality.

Green - Jasmine Pearls

Freshly plucked tea leaves, naturally infused with jasmin then hand rolled into pearls.

Herbal - Bolywood

Influences that evolved into this blend: India, Movies, Music, Dance, Passion, Hurt, Love, Sadness, Lust, Heart-break, Laughter.

Suggested Use

Serving knowledge: Each of our teahouses have a different flavor, artistry, and essence of hospitality

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