The Saucey Sauce Sweet Jalapeno Ketchup

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The Saucey Sauce Co., founded by brother and sister duo, Ken and Toan , offers Vietnamese home-style sauces to every home. After serving sauces at dinner parties from their homes in Brooklyn, the sibling team realized they were onto something when their friends began asking for bottles to use at home. These all natural, artisan Vietnamese Nuoc Cham sauces, a name for Vietnamese home sauces, are crafted using a cherished family recipe. Just as their mother has whipped up sauces for decades in Vietnam, her children blend fresh ingredients and savory goodness for marinades, dressings, cooking, and finishing sauces. Their Sweet Jalapeno Ketchup blends Vietnamese tradition into the American classic. This savory ketchup blends fresh tomatoes, spicy jalapeno peppers, with a subtle hint of sweetness from organic brown sugar. Spice up the common with this unexpected kick.
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