The WineRayzn CabernayZyn Dried Grapes 8 oz

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The WineRayzn CabernayZyn Dried Grapes 8 oz
At The Wine RayZyn Company, we have used our years of organic farming experience and knowledge to create specialty dried wine grapes bursting with flavor and health benefits. All of our dried wine grapes are delicately harvested from California vineyards. Our dedication is focused on a product that’s good for the environment and good for you. The CabernayZyn is a delectable, gourmet food that is high in fiber and protein, as well as low in fat. It takes the rich, bold flavors from Cabernet Sauvignon to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, delicious dried wine grape without the alcohol content. The CabernayZyn snack pack from RayZyn is perfect for every situation. Whether you are looking for a new, delicious health food snack for the home, the office, traveling or when you’re in a hurry, these appetizing dried wine grapes are just what you need!
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