Vrisi 36 EVOO Organic 500 ml

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This olive oil from Vrisi is made with nutrient-rich Greek olives, and carefully pressed and packed in a small, Greek farming community to ensure quality and authenticity. What’s more, this EVOO isn’t commodity driven, they know exactly where the olive oil comes from and how it’s made every step of the way. Like all olive oils, this olive oil has no GMOs so it’s all-natural. 

 Flying Olive Farms was founded on the single goal to bring 100% Greek goodness to every American table. They want to bring you the very best - unadulterated, unrefined and unblended products from where it all began. It's why they offer a complete line of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars that are pure, bursting with nutrients, and sourced to local, region specific Greek farmers to ensure only the best. They also go above and beyond to certify that our extra virgin olive oil is all that we say it is. 

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