Walker's Festive Shapes 12.3 oz

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Walker's Festive Shapes - 12.3oz

Walkers Pure Butter Festive Shapes Shortbread is classic Scottish pure butter shortbread cookies in fun Christmas shapes of bells, Christmas trees, stars and Santa faces. You can feel good enjoying and gifting Walkers Shortbread's pure butter Festive Shapes shortbread cookies knowing the pure butter shortbread cookies are all natural made with only four ingredients of wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives. Buy some Walkers Shortbread Festive Shapes shortbread cookies to enjoy yourself and share with friends and family at Christmas parties. The Christmas Shapes shortbread cookies are a great filler for your own Christmas cookie plate and to bring to a cookie swap party. The cookie boxes make a welcome gift for family, friends, mailperson or an end of the year thank you gift for work colleagues. The holidays invite moments worth savoring so create a new family tradition decorating Walkers Shortbread's Christmas pure butter shortbread cookies for family fun and create cherished memories for years to come!

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